Blinkx: Search Online Videos

Blinkx is an online website where you can search online videos and watch them for free. At present, Blinkx is hosting more than 35 million hours of searchable online videos backed up by 800+ media partners. Blinkx utilizes patented conceptual search, video analysis, and speech recognition software to find and qualify online videos.

Blink is a great online resource to search online videos related to news & politics, technology, gaming, comedy, music, travel, fashion & style, animation, science, food, and more. At Blinkx online video searching website, you can easily search videos online to create a personalized playlist. In addition, you can also create a custom video-wall for your MySpace page and online blogs.


Getting Started At Blinkx:

Registration is non-mandatory at Blinkx and anyone can access online videos for free. Still, for accessing more advance features you will require to create an account. On the homepage, you will find the option for login via Facebook  and twitter. Opt for one that suits you best.

How To Search Online Videos With Blinkx:

Searching online videos at Blinkx is very easy. You can simply query the keyword in the search box positioned on top. Soon the list of related videos will be presented you.

To play a particular online video, you will have to click on it and in no time it will be played for you.

Search Online Videos

If you look at the screenshot above, at the bottom section exists a star. On clicking it the video will be added to your favorites list.  Next time, you will be able to access that video directly.

* A fast internet connection will be required for seamless online video playback without buffering.

The Final Verdict:

Blinkx is a really nice destination to search online videos. The ability of this video website to fetch content from other video websites is remarkable. Many consider Blinkx as the best YouTube alternative and definitely they are right. Anyhow, It does not allows you to online video hosting as on YouTube.