BitStrips: Online Comic Maker

BitStrips is an online comic maker. It has changed a lot from day of its launch and became a potential educational tool for kids. Schools and teachers have adopted it as an educational interface for delivering  more understandable lessons to kids. Here, both teachers as well as students can create comic strips to share with class (virtual).

Here, you get the option for creating your own custom characters or to use the existing ones. The drawing interface of BitStrips is very interactive and highly rich in features. BitStrips is a premium online web service and you can opt a 30 days trial for free.  For more details on pricing, you can have a look on the screenshot placed below.


Getting Started With BitStrips:

To begin, you will have to register an account by filling custom-registration from. After that you will be asked to create your online class. In the process, you will specify a unique class code. In the next step, you as a teacher will add students to your online class. The process is really simple and won’t take much time. Soon you will be on the dashboard.


If you look at the human figurines in the virtual classroom, the larger one represents teacher and the smaller ones are students.  After, creating a custom avatar those will be replaced automatically.

* A student can access the online class by providing the class code created by the teacher.

Creating Custom Comic Characters At BitStrips Online Comic Maker:

Creating a comic character at BitStrips online comic maker is quite easy. Follow:

  • Click on ‘characters’ tab and then select ‘Make a Character’.
  • Next, you will be redirected to a new page with a wizard based interface for selecting and setting various attributes of the new character.

* The procedure is lengthy and likely to take some time. You will require specifying many details of the character from head to toe.

How To Make Comic Strip Online

The procedure for creating comic-strip at BitStrips online comic maker has been explained below.

  • Visit, ‘My comic’ section and from there you can edit or create a new online comic strip.
  • The characters created by you will be available in the top panel. It is all about dragging and dropping them over canvas and including relevant callout test. Every joint of the characters placed by you can be moved accordingly to deliver best effects. You can also move the eyes of a character in all directions.

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The Final Verdict:

BitStrips online comic maker is a really nice online application. It runs in browser with no dependencies. You may consider giving it a try.