BioIsChanged: Online Twitter App

BioIsChanges is an online twitter app that lets you get twitter updates of all your twitter friends, check the changes your followers made in their twitter profiles, get email summary every week, month or everyday, and more…

You might have been using Twitter account to follow your favorite stars or celebrities on it. One more thing if you have been hovering around our previous posts then you might have not seen such websites that provides you with the information about change in the profile settings performed by the individuals or organizations that is being followed by you on Twitter.

Yes! Your are right… we are now going to talk about an online Twitter app that provides you with the information about change in the Bio of others online and the name is also the same BioIsChanged. Let me tell you about the characteristics of BioIsChanged –

Features of This Online Twitter App:

  • The people you are following or who are following you on Twitter will be able to view the update on BioIsChanged regarding the changes in the Bio settings made by them.
  • Not only the Bio settings but also if that Twitter user changes the profile picture that will also be delivered with the update,
  • You can get subscribed for the updates depending on the schedules you make such as instant update, daily, weekly etc. This subscription can be done via email only,
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How To Get Updates From BioIsChanged:

You need to sign in using your Twitter account information in the BioIsChanged firstly. Once you have connected this website with your Twitter account and sign into it you will be able to visit the page like below image –


  • The change in the bio settings of your friends profile in Twitter will be available on the left part of the website as you can see in the image above,
  • The profile image update with the updated images will be available on the right part of the website,
  • Here you can see some other bio and profile image updates of other people given by the BioIsChanged to see who have changed their profile pictures and who changed the Bio’s,
  • As you can see that this website offers you to follow them. If you loved the services provided by this website then hit the “[email protected]” button to follow them on Twitter,
  • You can get updates sent from this website directly to your Inbox. In order to subscribe for email notifications click the “Change your settings” on the upper right corner in the website. You will be taken to the page like below image –


    1. In the empty field provide your email address in which you want to subscribe for the notifications,
    2. Check your preferred pace of notifications as instantly, daily or weekly etc.
    3. Then click the “Save” button to confirm the settings.

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In short, BioISChanged is an excellent online Twitter client to get all the updates of your twitter friends. Go ahead and try this online Twitter application now…