BeFunky: Online Photo Editor Application

BeFunky is one of the many online photo editor applications that have been designed for the users to freely play with their images online.

Akin to the  most of the other photo editing applications, there are lots of features that have been added in this website so that people can simply edit photos online without even having any knowledge about images.

In most of the photo editing tools you will not find the way to add funky effects to photos but the BeFunky has specially been designed for only this purpose so that you can funk with your facial images.

Features of BeFunky: Online Photo Editor

  • Hundreds of effects on different aspect have been added with free and premium services in this website.
  • You can use hundreds of artsy, goodies and frames for your image’s online modification,
  • More than five different categories full of hundreds of different fonts are available so that you can add texts in your image online,
  • You can use images to edit in this website from your PC, URL links, Facebook, Flickr, Picasa and other image hosting sites or directly from your WebCam.
  • Print your creations in different products simply by placing an order.
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How To Funk With Images?

Sign up for an account in BeFunky and log into your account if you want to edit images online. After logging in you will be directly taken to the application page like below image – clip_image002

  • On the top of the page, there is a menu bar including some menus such as – you will be able to rotate, flip, crop, smoothen, resize, lighten, expose, sharpen your image from the “Edit” menu.
  • To make funky images online, you can use the “Effects” menu in which there are more than twenty-five categories available in which hundreds of effects have been attached.
  • The “Artsy” menu lets you to put effect on your images like sketching, cartooning, oil paint, water-color effect and other effects to be added on your image.
  • If you are thinking of adding something funky in your images such as hearts, lips, lollipops or other funky things then “Goodies” menu is best for you to use.
  • Add different frames in your images using the “Frames” section. With an opportunity to use texts in your images, you can simply add multiple colored texts to annotate your image scenes. If you are want to enjoy the full service of this website then, you will have to upgrade your account for sure.
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Here is the pricing plan for BeFunky – clip_image004


  • Thank you for sharing our web app! We also have apps for mobile and tablets! Stay Funky 🙂