Audiko: Free Online Ringtone Maker

Audiko is a free online application to create ringtones in a quick and easy manner. Technically, there is not much difference between an audio file and a ringtone. The only difference is that the ringtones are shorter in length. Why? the duration for which the phone rings is quite short and there there is no scope to play whole song. Audiko free online Ringtone maker operates on a very simple workflow where you specify an audio file, select the part to be extracted, and then download selected region. Audiko lets you create ringtones for Mobile (MP3) and iPhone (MP4) as well.

Getting started with Audiko is very easy and you don’t require registering an account. All you need is a live internet connection and a modern browser with updated flash plugin; no extra dependencies. On your visit to the the homepage, you’ll be presented the following interface


Using Audiko Free Online Ringtone Maker?

Have a look on the points stated below.

  • Click on the ‘Upload’ button and you will be prompted to select an audio file on your PC. In case you have an online file then click on ‘enter an URL’ button and then type/paste the path to the MP3 file. Then wait a while for uploading to complete.
  • Soon you will be presented the following interface. audiko-free-online-ringtone-app
  • Now, your task will be to drag the both corners of the selector in blue. It must be noted you cannot extend it more than 30 seconds. On focusing a bit you will find two small checkboxes at the corners stating ‘Fade in’  and ‘fade out’. You can check or un-check them as per requirement.
  • Then you need to click on ‘Create ringtone!’ after which you will be provided with separate options to download the ringtone for mobile or for iPhone.

After downloading the file, you can copy it to appropriate folder in your mobile phone and set it as the ringtone by referring to instruction manual of the device.

The Final Verdict:

Audiko is a really nice free online ringtone maker. In addition, you can also utilize it as mp3 cutter in some situations. Anyhow, it will be more appropriate to utilize Mp3 Cutter online app.

OnlineRingtoneMaker is another online ringtone maker that you can try for free.