Apptivo: Online ERP Tool

Apptivo is an online ERP tool that lets you to set up your business with all that is required to perform your enterprise resource planning.

This is a online collaborative application has been designed for the newbie and small business firms so that they can manage employees online. There is more information available to be described about Apptivo.

In order to run a business whatever you will be in need of is available in this online collaborative application. Let me tell you about the features and services of this online ERP website one by one –

Features of Apptivo: Online ERP Tool

  • There are lots of specific applications available on this website that will help you to create customer database.
  • You can simply select among six different applications to support your firm such as invoicing, projects, customer, CRM, billing and recruitment etc. each of these apps come with bundle of miniature application included in them.
  • All the components of ERP had been kept in mind in designing applications in Apptivo.
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Services Offered By Apptivo:

You will have to sign up for an account in Apptivo and log into it first. Once you are in you can easily manage CRM online. Not only are the customer data but also there more opportunities available for you to support your business firm such as –


  • With the help of invoicing application, you can create invoices and process invoicing online after selling any product or services.
  • If you go for the project application then, it will be helpful for you to manage projects online.
  • There are marketing tools added in the Apptivo from where you can take your pricing, promotional, campaigning strategies.
  • Product management apps have been added to generate ideas, add in the items to be sold etc.,
  • You can manage supply chain such as suppliers, producers, distributors, and others easily with their SCM application.
  • Financial apps have been invented to report about customer payments, investments, fund-raising, invoices and other financial activities etc.
  • With the help of web application you can purchase domains, create and manage business website and promote products online.
  • Recruitment is required for every organization for this reason an HR application has also been added in the app store so that you can store employee database, determine departments, define jobs to each of your employees and select the right candidate for the right responsibility.
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Apptivo offers a 30 days free trial for the paid memberships or you can also be with the free membership. For pricing plans you can refer the picture below –