Add Moustache To Photo Using Facetache

Facetache might seem to be a new word to you but for your information I would like to tell you that this is an online image editor that lets you to play with your face only by letting you add moustache to photo. You can experiment your look with different available moustaches and give your face an all new look.

I meant to say that with all other web applications facilitating picture editing features, basically enables you to fully customize image but in this online image editor you will not be able to do that. The speciality of Facetache web application is that you can add only one single effect to your picture and that too only at your face. Let us have a little bit focus on what is actually done by Facetache below –

Features Of Facetache Online Image Editor:

  • There are about ten different moustaches available on this site so that you can have your face styled the way you have been dreaming,
  • You can load images from the URL link of it or you can also use Facebook images to add moustaches to them,
  • If you pay a visit to their portal you can download all these moustaches as your website buttons. Is not it amazing!
  • All the moustache effects need your hand touch to be dragged and dropped on the image,
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Facetache To Add Moustache To Photo:

Facetache is a free web application that lets you to add moustache effects to your close-up images. I think you are a little bit eager to find out how to add moustache to image. If you are that much keen to really find out then visit the website from the given link above where there will be an open source application like below image to entertain your queries –


  • This website has a gallery of moustaches including ten outstanding and different moustache styles which are waiting to be set on your picture to give it a new identity,
  • In the page there is a menu pane in the left including only four tools for you to load pictures from your Facebook profile or from other URL links. You can preview the image or edit it as well. You can save the image on your Facebook in an album. Use the “clear” button to redesign your moustaches,
  • In order to make funny pictures online with these styles you will have to drag one of them and then drop on your image. Then you will be able to reshape and rotate them using the buttons that appear around the moustaches after dropping.
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With all these features and advantages you will find something that will not entertain you and that is; you can not edit pictures online in Facetache which can be the prime concern of image effects.