Add Funky Effects To Photos Using Rollip

Rollip is an online photo editing application that lets you give funky effects to photos by adding amazing online photos effects. This online photo editor generates Polaroid effects over photos.

Here, you get total forty different effects to choose from. In addition, to add funky effects to photo, you don’t require to install any software, browser plug-in, or perform some kind of setup. Being an independent browser-based online image editor, Rollip can be accessed from any time at any place. It will be well and good to make it clear in the beginning that online photo editing over this online application id restricted to adding effects only. You cannot perform any other kind of operation over Rollip online image editor.

In the following section, we have placed a short review over existing features and functionality of Rollip online photo editing application, Have a look …

Rollip online image editor

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How To Add Funky Effects To Photos Using Rollip:

  • Getting started over Rollip is very easy. The visitor requires clicking over “Click here to start!” button over the homepage. After doing so, he/she will be taken to a new page where the task will be to choose an effect.
  • The page shows only four effects at a time and the user might require a proper use of next and previous buttons placed over top of the page.

vRollip to add funky effects to photos

  • Soon after the selection, you will be asked to upload a photo from your PC. Take care that the image that you intend to upload is a JPG, GIF, BMP or PNG. The other formats are not supported over the application. The upload might take a minute or more.

* you can bookmark the page for your favorite effect and directly upload the image.

  • After that the user will be presented with the processed image. On the same page, you will be provided with option to share that picture over Facebook. If desired, the user can opt for processing photo in original high-quality.
  • Finally, download the processed picture. Unlike previously,  Rollip seems to have become a free app. Previously the rate for 15 uploads was near USD 2.99.

* The advance processing will take more time and the generated file will be of bigger size.

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The Final Verdict:

Evaluating the overall performance of this online image editor to add funky effects to photos, we have no issues in recommending Rollip. It processes the picture to deliver Polaroid effect without making it blur. Even the high quality processing has also become free over Rollip giving you a good reason for trying the app. It’s time to add funky effects to photos of yours.