5 Free Online Project Managers

In current article I have presented 5 free online project managers that can be utilized for managing your projects in an effective manner. You don’t require installing any software on PC as the data is stored centrally on the server and can be easily managed through web browser. Changes performed by you are saved online, thus eliminating all sorts of portability issues.

An online project manager allows you to organize everything in order and focus on critical tasks. The 5 free online project managers stated below are available for free. A few of them include paid versions as well.

Wrike Online Project Management Application


Wrike is one one the most effective online team management applications. The workflow of this application is simple where you begin with adding a few teammates, create new tasks, allocate tasks to teammates and , and keeping track of progress. It suits best for managing distributed teams. Under free account you can create multiple (folders) projects. Also, you can integrate with Google docs for sending attachment. For more information on Wrike you can click here.


TeamBox: Online Team Manager

teambox-task manager

TeamBox is another fantastic free online project manager. Here, you can manage a team of 5 for free. To include more users you will require to undergo a paid subscription. The workflow is similar to that of Wrike project manager. At TeamBox you can create multiple projects online for effective conversation and task allocation. Each project will be independent form other. To know more on TeamBox online team manager you can click here.

TeamWork: Online Project Manager


TeamWork is also a nice online application for managing your projects online.The free plan offers you the ability to manage two projects online. Here, you can integrate with services like DropBox, Google drive, Box for communicating and sharing files with teammates.

More information on TeamWork can be obtained form here.

* The there online project managers stated above are suited best for managing teams online. The Two project managers included below are for individuals who aim at boosting their work efficiency.

ThoughtBoxes Online Personal Manager


ThoughtBoxes  is a nice online project manager that allows you to create multiple online to do lists. You can create as many lists as per your convenience. The main advantage of using ThoughtBoxes is that it’s simple, flexible, and lightweight. You can get more information on ThoughtBoxes by clicking here.


Gantter: Free Online Resource Manager


Gantter is a very unique online project manager that allows you relate tasks and available resources. The application suites best for performing personal calculations and work schedules that will lead to enhanced work-efficiency. The three section (Tasks, Resources and Calendars) at Gantter are interrelated and very helpful in presenting the broader picture.

To know more about Gantter online organizer you will require clicking here.


So Managers! it’s time to grab the tool that suites you best…


  • Rozer Simon

    I have used half of the tools that you have listed above in the past, but these did not go down well with me probably because of my kinda project management requirements were less demanding. But now I use proofhub (www.proofhub.com). My projects are being managed perfectly now, as I have got all of them tracked and reported accurately. Moreover this software also helps me to indulge in private discussions as well as helps to assign a task to multiple people.

  • Jimmy

    I am also in favor of proofhub.com because it has all the necessary features that required to manage projects.

  • Greta

    For everyday duties I use online Kanban board. For fixed-time projects – Gantter, always 🙂

  • James Simeon

    I tried Gantter, but I used it with Kanbanery.com. Just because you’re on a fixed schedule, doesn’t mean it does’t help to visualize and improve flow.

  • JoshMeNow

    You should really update the article. It’s 2016 and three most popular free project management platforms (Bitrix24, Trello, Asana) aren’t even on the list.