5 Best Online Survey Maker

Today the information collection and analysis has become an indispensable part of business organizations. The online survey tools have lessened the work load of the businesses because to make online survey, it does not cost that much in contrast with the offline survey.

I have sorted out 5 best online survey maker websites so that you can choose anyone of them for your data collection and analysis of business. According to ranking the survey maker websites are – PollDaddy, QuickSurveys, Free Online Surveys, Zoomerang and Kwik Surveys etc. Let me compare these websites according to their features below –



The firmly believe that PollDaddy.com is a powerful tool for online survey making. I also believe that because they offer free sign ups with the inclusion of creating unlimited survey forms. Each online survey form can have up to 200 responses per month. You can add at most 10 questions in each survey forms. Along with the surveys, you can create polls, quizzes and ratings for your website. You can generate reports on the survey responses. The contacts are automatically added in the list. A range of templates is available for you to use from. Dig more information about PollDaddy or try here.



The second most awesome online survey maker is QuickSurveys.com. Create unlimited amount of surveys here. The responses that can be received per survey are only 200. You can generate reports on the responses you have received within 24 hours. In only three steps you can design survey form.

Choose the target respondents you want to share the survey with. Choose the survey category to have the most relative form type. Add media in your questionnaire. Embed the form in your website. The pricing plan is fully customizable. Calculate your own plan with the facilities you want to enjoy. For more information about this online survey maker, visit QuickSurveys or try here.

Free Online Surveys


Another amazing online survey tool is Free Online Surveys. You can create unlimited polls, surveys, quizzes in Freeonlinesurveys.com. The responses that can be received per poll are unlimited but you can receive only 50 responses per quiz or survey. The online surveys can have up to 20 questions in each. Add pictures or videos in your survey forms. Add your business logo to brand the survey form. You can send up to 250 invitations via Email to your respondents for the survey. Choose different themes according to the type of the survey from the collection of this online survey making tool. Learn more about Free Online Surveys or try here.



Using Zoomerang.com online survey maker, you can also create survey forms online but the same thing occurs in the website that is you can only add 10 questions per survey with a maximum limit of 100 responses per survey. You can send up to 100 email invitations as well. For the free accounts, there is not SSL encryption facilitated by the websites. You can choose from the range of simple templates for your survey. You can embed the form on your website or weblog using the HTML code generated by this online survey maker. The forms can be edited at anytime and the results can be generated in a real-time. Get more information on this online survey tool you can click here.

Kwik Surveys


Kwik Surveys is the simplest online survey form designing tool. There are only few facilities that are going to charm you. You can create as many as surveys you want because there is no limit for creating surveys online. Add unlimited questions in your surveys. Receive unlimited amount of responses for each surveys you have created. Send as many as invitations you want to send through Email.

The website is little bit slower than all of the above mentioned websites. You can upload the logo of your business; change the appearance of the fonts, layout of the form etc. Get instant report on the responses and easily export the data from the website. Get some information about Kwik Surveys or try here.

Best of luck with your online survey kit…


  • Bob

    This page is suspiciously similar to the PollDaddy page and has similar writing mistakes such as: “Today the (?) information collection and analysis has become an indispensable part of business organizations.” So, this is just a scam page to get people to go to Poll Daddy, not a true objective list of best services. Nice try.

  • Pascalaguiar

    Well, I wonder why SoGoSurvey.com is not mentioned on this list. I recently signed up with them and wanted to say that their product ROCKS! Definitely worth a try…

  • Chris Witz

    The above list doesn’t look complete, where are the names of the BIG players like SoGoSurvey, Surveymonkey etc?

    • Deepika


      Thanks for dropping down. Well, these are just the five selected ones. We will soon come back with one more such featured article in which we will include another set of popular online survey makers. 🙂

      • Sealia

        Great idea! It is definitely a changing field and there are always new and improved solutions 🙂 Like Eval&GO for example. I agree with Amber bellow. http://www.evalandgo.com/ Open a Free account and tell us what you think in your next update

  • James

    You forgot about http://www.SuperSimpleSurvey.com :/
    Without a doubt the best in terms of UX

  • Completely agree with @Chris that the list is incomplete and does not match the standard for survey tools grading. It should have surveymonkey,fluidsurvey and sogosurvey in it’s list

    • mohit_writer

      Thanks for dropping down! we will include these online applications in the next set of featured article on online survey maker.

  • rr

    Don’t use KwikSurveys, it isn’t free. You can only do 20 questions before you have to pay. All their advertising say it’s unlimited, but that isn’t true because once you go beyond 20 questions it demands payment.

    • mohit_writer

      Thanks for informing us.

  • mathew

    Survey Monkey
    Survey Gizmo

    • Whatdidyousay?

      Limesurvey, Obsurvey…

  • Eric

    My top 5 would be Survey Monkey,SoGoSurvey, Fluid Survey,Qualtrics and Question Pro.

  • Niezle

    Recently SoGoSurvey has been a very famous product which is talked about.I gave it a try, and am pretty impressed with them.They are not very active with marketing,but they do have a strong product to o for.

  • Greg Wolf

    SoGoSurvey is SPAMMING all the comments sections of every review site with FAKE REVIEWS (BAD SIGN). AVOID THEM LIKE THE PLAGUE!! :-/

    • Ryan

      Thanks Greg! Noticing them everywhere… Naughty lil buggers!

      • Mr Greg and Mr Ryan, they are real customers who are talking about SoGoSurvey software and all reviews are genuine given by their clients.

  • John James

    surveymoz.com is pretty good

  • Marty

    Hey everyone, I just released a new survey website – http://surveylitics.com. It lets you create surveys via email. I don’t think any other site can match that kind of ease of use.
    I’d love to get your feedback!

  • Julian

    There is one missing in my opinion. It doesn’t offer so many types of question as others i have tryed but it is definitely the simpliest to use and has a good quality too. If you want to take a look it’s site is http://www.lagad-surveys.com/en/

  • indupriyac

    This list looks good. I came across Zoho Survey recently. Has anyone tried the tool?

  • Jeff

    I also don’t see the big and best players on the list. There are far better sites like Survey Monkey, Survey Gizmo and Addpoll that are not even mentioned here. The ones on the list are falling far behind IMO. Anyway, my personal favorite is http://www.addpoll.com, these guys are offering great options, listen to their users’ needs and they constantly evolve. I won’t be surprised if they make it to the top of a similar list soon 😉

  • Victor

    Another option that might be worthy of a mention is http://www.SuperSimpleSurvey.com, as James already pointed out. I haven’t looked at their site in great detail yet, so I can’t really give a thorough review, but my first impression is that they are certainly worth a try, so you might want to go ahead and take a look.

  • Amber

    You should definitely check out http://www.evalandgo.com/. I’ve had a great experience with them, and what’s more is students get free accounts.

  • Daniel

    Most of the ‘free’ ones aren’t free at all once you look at the small print. Ones I’ve tried which offer true free unlimited questions and survey responses are:
    Surveyi (www.surveyi.com)
    Esurv (esurv.org)

  • stmn

    Epicpoll.me is simple as hell but enough for me.

  • rose

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